Laha Boutique

At Laha Boutique, we believe in the power of women. She is the driving force; a pioneer with a footprint in many segments of our business infrastructure. She is a source of inspiration and balance for all entities and people around her. We extend a helping hand to help unleash her endless capacity for good and creativity. Our work provides the foundation for her success.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to allow women to explore their passion for fashion by making design tools accessible. We achieve our mission through the following:
● Providing real services to all women.
● Originality in everything we do.
● Providing integrated support to the ambitious Arab woman.
● The satisfaction of our customers worldwide.

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Our Vision

To be a pioneer that exposes the world to original designs created by Arab women. We pride ourselves on staying true to our designers and our commitment to quality will position us as a leader in the beauty and fashion boutiques around the world. We strive to make sure our customers have the most enjoyable shopping experience while in our store to create lasting relationships. As well as providing customers with high quality, modern clothing in hopes of having the competitive advantage

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Our Services

We honor Arab women seeking to create original, beautiful designs. our services includes:
● Exposure to prospective buyers by being displayed on our website platform.
● Personalized dashboard for emerging fashion designers. Able to engage clients directly while showing your products to the world.
● Professional customer service team handling all sales, shipping, and fulfillment of your orders.
● Channel to launch advertising campaigns.
● Designer monthly subscriptions to showcase their designs.
● Bridal Studio: A platform to display wedding dresses for prospective brides looking for a distinct look.
● High-end fashion for those seeking to explore the latest international fashion brands.

Why choose us?

Laha Boutique offers ambitious Arab women an opportunity to bridge their ideas from fantasy to reality. Our platform enables them to gain exposure from their unique fashion designs. Each artist is given an independent section on our platform and we facilitate the order process from design display, order management, and fulfillment. Our representatives coordinate your customer service leaving you to focus on realizing your visions. With our capacity, we accommodate diverse designers. We have a boutique located in Duhail dedicated to luxurious wedding dresses. Our team hand picks distinguished international designs and brands that bring any bride’s dream to the surface.